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  • Added by: angleto @ 08 Feb 2011 08:46
    Blind Contact: Early Childhood Education and a large foreign exchange
    Son to preschool the next day, in the next child, the teacher to tell, "your child make mistakes today, and ordered to sit out" is when people stood, sat his son. Surprise, because the day before, the teacher said it performed well child, how just over a day, were punished. Quickly asked why, the teacher said, "He beat the children, and it more than one." Teacher stressed that "children in our class never hit people!"   Son guilty of this error makes me feel even more surprised. I am a graduate from kindergarten to university do not have a fight, and no one played the "good boy." If according to genetic theory, my son "should not" hit people ah! Asked his son because his son said that some children stand in a run and when, behind him, but touched him, so his son had taken a "hit back" approach, there have been beating people move. My boy said, "people touch you, if not intentional, we have to forgive him." He said, "you said, people do not make me, I do not prisoners, I made my mess, I do prisoner? (Son of the 'must' fault recorded as 'do', but wrong enough that a certain level of the ... ...) "I said," That is the enemy, not friends. students are your friends ah! (in Russian kindergarten , my son said this had now brought his son was again hit back at me.) "Think about his son and asked me," If I forgive him, he did not forgive me? "I am back to the sile ...

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